Are you always stressed and struggling to be present?

Discover How You Can Master
Your Mind and Develop Laser-like Focus
In as Little as 10 Minutes a Day

Inside: The advice I heard from a Thai monk on how to gain control of your thoughts

I used to believe meditation was a lie.I thought it was normal for you to struggle with stress and anxiety every day…That calm minds were reserved for gurus and hippies… not normal people like you and me with busy lives and big dreams.Do you think that too?Well, if you want to:

  • Remove racing thoughts

  • Be more present in the moment

  • Overcome your fears and anxieties

And you’re willing to commit to just 10 minutes a day…Then I want to tell you about the time I met an old Buddhist monk in a temple tucked away in the countryside of Thailand.Because before that moment, negative thoughts ruled my life.And if they do for you too, I know how hard that can be.I get what it’s like to have the voice in the back of your head telling you something is wrong… even when it’s not.And how frustrating it is to struggle to focus on what’s important…And how much anxiety can take you away from the present moment….So in the next few minutes, I’ll explain how you can use a simple approach to meditation that helps you master your mind so you can be the best version of yourself.I’ll tell you what I was told about why 97% of people are meditating completely wrong… and how you can make it a lifelong habit with one simple mindset shift…And how ANYONE can enjoy the benefits of meditation, like a 120% boost in productivity and focus… without spending hours sitting in silence…And look.If you're skeptical, I get it.A few years ago, I would’ve stopped reading at the start and carried on losing the fight against my chaotic thoughts.But there’s a reason elite athletes like Michael Jordan and billionaires like Ray Dalio swear by meditation for their success…

And why since 2021, the number of people meditating has grown by 3x and only getting higher.

Society is starting to realise how powerful a 7000-year-old practice is for happiness and success in modern times

And I want to show you how you can use it too.

Dakota Robertson



"Insane amount of value"

I've been meditating for a few years and this is one of the best courses I've read on the subject. It breaks it down in a simple and easy way to understand. And in ways I never thought of before. If you're looking to get into meditation, hell, even if you're already well practiced in it, you NEED this guide.

Master Nobody



"This is an extremely rare gem"

To achieve calm in this chaotic world, Modern Meditation is the kind of book you need. From managing your emotions, building habits, to achieving your goals through deep work, this programme is a blueprint for success and mental peace. The meditation methods Zazen, Body scan, visualization, zoom out meditation, and mindfulness walks just blew me away.

I’m TakezoYou probably know me from Twitter.

I’m grateful to say I’ve built a following of over 50.000 by sharing my ideas on peace and clarity.But 7 years ago, I had neither.In fact, I was the COMPLETE opposite.I’d just finished college and I couldn’t wait to get out into the world….But instead of enjoying my relationships and doing well at work… I constantly battled with stress and anxiety…I struggled to be present with my friends and family…I couldn’t focus at work…

My mind raced at a million miles an hour worrying about pointless things outside of my control.In short, my mind was a mess.I’d tried meditation. I bought books and downloaded courses. They promised calm and peace but it never worked for me.I knew something had to change.So I decided to travel.I quit my job and packed my bags.I would go to South East Asia and ‘reset’ - hoping to find peace away from the chaos of normal society.But when I arrived… I still had the same problems. I still worried and still felt stressed.Only now I was in a foreign country.

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One Freak-Storm Changed Everything

See, I was lost driving my motorbike around the countryside of Thailand when suddenly the skies opened…I had to find cover. The closest place?A small temple.Looking back, I’ve never been so grateful for bad weather.See…The monk I met opened my eyes to the power of meditation (and why we’re going about it all wrong)I told him I wanted to be happy but meditation didn’t work….He laughed in my face.He told me ‘Westerners are all the same’.Here’s what he explained:

The Wrong Approach to Meditation...

And How to Never Make That Mistake Again

You and I come from a culture of instant gratification and constant stimulation…According to researchers at Harvard University, our minds are now lost in thought 47 percent of the time.What most people don't realise is that it's impossible to empty your mind if you're constantly filling it up…And when you bring judgement and expectations into your meditation practice, that’s exactly what happens…It’s like pouring water into a filled cup…Your thoughts spill everywhere and it’s impossible to stop the flood.You’re doomed to fail with this approach.But it’s not your fault.Most meditation guides sell you on quick wins and promise instant peace…Most books are 90% filler about religion and philosophy but don’t give you the tools you need to overcome the problems you’re guaranteed to face when you start.Most gurus will overcomplicate their advice just to charge you extortionate prices for a practice you can do for free.

I came back from that temple with a different perspective.

Trying to live your best life with a chaotic mind is like building your house on sand…One wave and everything comes crumbling down…The monk explained that you have to approach meditation like you do working out to calm the chaos.Not focusing on the results and demanding instant changes…But with patience and enjoying the process.And over the next 7 years, I built and tested a bulletproof meditation practice.One based around simple, effective techniques.That’s focused on helping you overcome self-doubt and live with purpose.And today, I’d like to share it with you.

Kieran Drew

Writer & Entrepreneur


"I'm a lot calmer, much more present & my quality and clarity is better"

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This isn’t like other meditation guides…Trust me – I’ve bought them.I won’t waste your time and money by giving you a seriously bloated course filled with crap to justify the price tag.This is 0% filler, 100% actionable advice.You’ll get EVERYTHING you need to know to begin mastering your mind with meditation immediately.Here’s what’s inside:

  • The mindset shift that makes it IMPOSSIBLE to fail at meditating… so you never quit again

This approach to meditating has helped my clients overcome the ‘inevitable’ giving up phase.
Page 26

  • How even the most mundane moments become the best times to meditate… even in traffic!

Never be bored again.
Page 16

  • The three common mental blocks stopping you from unlocking the power of meditation

Once you overcome these, the rest is easy.
Page 5

  • How 10 minutes of meditation will maximise your work output and relationship quality

A calm mind is an attractive mind.
Page 7

  • The 7 powerful attitudes of highly successful meditators

These attitudes are easy to adopt and great for anyone wanting to enhance their meditation.
Page 19

  • The little-known difference between mindfulness and meditation

Reset your racing mind with both to be present and enjoy the moment.
Page 11

  • A full walkthrough of my meditation practice

After years of trying everything, this simple routine is the result.
Page 21

  • The 6 obstacles stopping you from making meditation a lifelong companion

Avoid these common pitfalls.
Page 31

  • The 8 types of meditation and how to use each to keep the habit exciting and interesting

Meditation doesn’t have to be boring. I reveal my most private meditation practices that I share nowhere else.
Page 38

After Modern Meditation you’ll have the tools to meditate effectively and the mindset to make it last.

Lewis C. Briggs

Personal Trainer


Clear and concise, well written, easy to digest, and full of great content. This book unpacks and directly solves many of the most common obstacles people face when they begin their practice of meditation.
Even with no prior knowledge or experience, anyone who reads this will be armed with an array of technique, and the understanding of why they're so valuable.
There are uncountable benefits to meditation, and very few reasons not to start. With this book alone you have everything you need to develop a confident and rewarding practice.




I've read through nearly hundred different resources regarding meditation over the last year - apps, research papers, YouTube videos.
But, Takezo, you've done a phenomenal job of combining your wealth of experience with the art of meditation, while giving us a step by step blueprint to follow and incorporate it into our daily routine.
I was honestly blown away by the course.
I learned several new meditation techniques, the core principle behind meditation and the benefits of the process.

Joep | The Mind Modifier



This meditation course blew me away. Honestly, I wasn't expecting anything new as I've been meditating for a few years now but this reminded me of some important concepts & gave me insight into how I could take my meditation practice to the next level.
This is the perfect course for anyone who's not yet fully convinced of meditation through to people who've been meditating for a while. It's clear, actionable, and the information is presented in a way that sticks.
Props for creating this, you're gonna be helping a lot of people with it!

Rob Riker



I've been the person who knows that meditating can change my life, but struggled to make a habit out of it. It always felt like a waste of time since I felt happy and knew what I needed to do to move forward. But something deep down told me I needed to do it, so I read your guide.
I was blown away. It immediately gave me all the reasons I needed to make this a priority, and how to easily get started. I just completed my first session and plan to make this a lifetime habit. I can't wait to see how I change as a result!

Simo Hosio

Professor & Computer Scientist


I really loved the foundation part, never thought about meditation from a more abstract perspective and in the context of other things going on in my life before. And I'm not new to meditation.
And coincidentally, a thing that's been bugging me lately has been simply remembering to devote time to the practice.
So now I've also implemented some mindfulness triggers to my workspace and they're working wonders!
No calendar needed, I'd 100% recommend this one for anyone new (or even old) to meditation.

Chris Pick



This is a great resource for someone interested or curious in how to meditate and the benefits of doing so. I appreciate the objective look at the topic. Not being a spiritual person myself, I was turned off to meditation for a long time because I was exposed to a lot of the spiritual interpretations of the practice but have more recently learned there is a lot more to it than that.
Beyond that, the meditation examples are really cool. Some of them I hadn't heard of before. I am going to implement them in my own practice.

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When your mind is your friend and not your enemy, it’s insane what you can achieve.

You enjoy the small moments in life and feel calm when most people run around stressed and anxious…You don’t have to fight with doubt and anxiety every time you want to do something big or important…Your thoughts stop getting in the way of you pushing for your potential.Work. Relationships. Even just sitting in the garden.

Everything improves when your thoughts improve

I’ve invested tons of time and money in my meditation practice.But when I look at my life before and how it is now, I know it was worth every minute and every penny.Thankfully, you don’t need to invest anywhere near that because I’ve gone through it for you.You can pick it up for just:


Most meditation products will charge you this per year… or worse – per month.

But this guide is a lifelong resource that will help overcome the negative parts of your mind…And when you consider how much stress and anxiety cost you long term in your health, decisions and outlook…29€ might be the most intelligent investment you make.After putting in your details you’ll get instant access to Modern Meditation.

But that’s not all.

You’ll be surprised to find 3 bonuses inside the course material… completely free.


Value: 19€

  • The simple and effective technique you can use to enter flow states and 10x your output and focus and upgrade your creative output forever


Value: 15€

  • Find out the exact process I use to tame negative emotions like anger and anxiety to become cool, calm and collected – no matter the situation


Value: 10€

  • This habit builder will help you become consistent even at the worst of times so you never miss a day of meditation again

And that's not all.When you click buy, you’ll also be covered by my:

100% personal peace of mind 60-day guarantee

I have no doubts that this course will have an insane impact on your life. But, if for any reason you disagree, I’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

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Miles C. Hill

High Performance Coach


As someone who's been meditating for a few years now, this is a product I wish I had at the beginning of my journey.
This product really broke it down in a simplified way that made it easy to improve my practice. HIGHLY recommend it for anyone looking to get into meditation 🙌

The Clarity Professor



I haven't meditated in a while and after reading this guide I will definitely get back to it. This course breaks it down into steps I have never seen before. It's for beginners and people who have been meditating for years. This course will take your mental clarity to a whole new level.

Limitless Reader



This course is full of valuable lessons & advice for beginners & advanced meditators alike!
As someone who's been practicing meditation for 4+ years, this course gave me new insights & ideas for better practice & immersion in the process.

Florian Schäfer

Fitness & Nutrition Coach


I recently read 'Modern Meditation' in hopes of finally developing a meditation routine. It turns out that I had a completely wrong idea about meditation and how to do it 'right'.
Now I feel like I'm ready for a fresh start. Thank you for this brilliant book!

So, look.Hopefully you can see just how impactful meditation will be on your life…But this impact will only come if you take action.Trying to live your best life with a mind that’s constantly fighting itself is incredibly difficult…It becomes easy to lose sight of your goals and dreams…And for most people, that’s normal.But you don’t have to be like most people…You can decide to be different and pick up this guide today.And with my guarantee – it’s completely risk free.You can’t lose. Only win.

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I’ve tried meditation before and it didn’t work – what’s different with this?

I get it – me too. That’s why I put together this guide. It’s everything I wish I knew when I started. Most of the reasons people quit or find meditating ineffective is the approach, so I’ve dedicated several sections to make sure this doesn’t happen for you.

Is guided or unguided meditation best?

Either is great, but unguided will help you master your mind the most. Modern Meditation is focused on unguided for this reason, but you can easily apply the principles with a guided meditation also.

I don’t have time to meditate, is buying this product a waste?

Trust me. If you’re someone who doesn’t have time to meditate – this is for you. Everyone has 5-10 minutes of their day they can set aside. It’s a matter of priorities whether you do it or not.Inside I explain how to use meditation and mindfulness at any point. So if you’re struggling to find the time, this technique helps.

How long will it take before I see results?

It's difficult to say with meditation, but the important thing to note is that you will enjoy the process with this course. Which means the 'results' are almost instant.I’ve found a few weeks of meditation to make a notable effect on my outlook.

You’ve mentioned 8 types of meditation. Is this going to be complicated?

Not at all. These are additional ideas, but the course's core focus is on keeping things simple.

What happens if I don’t get the results I’m looking for?

Two things.First, you're more than welcome to drop me a DM. I love helping people achieve their meditation goals, and sometimes, a bit of feedback can make all the difference.But as I mentioned, if for any reason you feel the course isn’t for you – then I’ll refund you within 60 days. So you don’t need to worry about a wasted investment.

How long will this course be available at discount?

This price is for this week only.As time goes on more resources will be added and the cost will reflect that. For anyone purchasing now, they lock in the course for life.

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